Incoloy 825 Pipe & Tubing

Incoloy 825 is a nickel-iron-chromium alloy with inclusions of molybdenum and also copper. This nickel metal alloy’s chemical components are made to offer outstanding resistance to numerous corrosive environments. These are like alloy 800 but have advanced resistance to aqueous corrosion. It includes outstanding resistance to both decreasing and oxidizing acids, to stress-corrosion cracking, also to localized attack for example pitting and also crevice corrosion. Alloy 825 is particularly resistant to sulfuric and also phosphoric acids. This nickel metal alloy is utilized for chemical processing, pollution-control tools, oil and also gas well piping, nuclear fuel reprocessing, acidity production, and also pickling tools.

Features of Incoloy 825

• Excellent resistance to decreasing and also oxidizing acids
• Good resistance to stress-corrosion cracking
• Satisfactory resistance to localized attack as pitting or crevice corrosion
• Very resistant to sulfuric and also phosphoric acids
• Good mechanized properties at both room and also increased temperatures as much as approximately 1020° F
• Permission for pressure-vessel utilize at wall temperature ranges up to 800°F

Standards – Incoloy 825 Pipe & Tubing

Summary Standards
Standard Specification for Seamless Nickel and Nickel Alloy Condenser and Heat-Exchanger Tubes ASTM B 163
Standard Specification for Nickel-Iron-Chromium-Molybdenum-Copper Alloy (UNS N08825, N08221, and N06845) Seamless Pipe and Tube ASTM B 423
Standard Specification for Welded UNS N06625, UNS N06219 and UNS N08825 Alloy Tubes ASTM B 704
Standard Specification for Nickel-Alloy (UNS N06625, N06219 and N08825) Welded Pipe ASTM B 705

Mechanical Properties – Incoloy 825 Tubing & Pipe

Tensile Strength : Unit – ksi (MPa) , Minimum
Yeild Strength : 0.2 % Offset , Unit – ksi (MPa) , Minimum
Elongation : in 2″, Unit : % , MinimumValues as per ASTM B 163

Condition & Grade Tensile Strength Yeild Strength Elognation Hardness
Annealed 85 (586) 35 (241) 30

Nuclear Power

Welded Pipe

Incoloy 825 Pipe

Stocking & Supplying Seamless & Welded Pipes as small as 1/4″ NB and 6″ NB. Thickness ranging from Sch 10 to Sch 80.

Tube / Tubing

Incoloy 825 Tube / Tubing

Stocking & Supplying Seamless & Welded Tubes / Tubing from 6mm OD to 101.6mm OD. Thickness ranging from 0.8mm to 6mm.

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