Nickel Alloys

Nickel alloys consist of many different alloys which are utilized for their special qualities such as outstanding corrosion and high temperature which allow them to perform in extreme conditions. These metals are especially alloyed with Nickel, Chromium and Molybdenum in order to intensify their corrosion resistance. Nickel alloys are extensively applied in extremely corrosive conditions in the Power Industires, Chemical Industries, and Petrochemical Industries.

Nickel alloys are equipped with unique combinations of excellent strength, metallurgical stability, toughness, weldability, fabricability and corrosion resistance. Many of the nickel alloys acquire exceptional heat resistance at an elevated temperature of more than 1000°C

This category of alloys are usually sold under trade name specifications but most are listed in the Unified Numbering System. Common trade names are HASTELLOY, INCOLOY, INCONEL, NICROFER, and NIMONIC,

The recent alloys in these category also have a wide range of ancillary elements are combined to provide unique properties – some of these can be quite complicated and require very close control over composition and heat treatment.

  • Nuclear Industry

    Nuclear Industry
  • Petrochemical Industry

    Petrochemical Industry
  • Oil & Gas Industry

    Oil & Gas Industry
  • Chemical Industry

    Chemical Industry
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